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In the city of Tarragona you can find one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire, Tarraco, where you can see the fort, the amphitheater and ruins that are part of the World Heritage that are still there.

A city where you can enjoy a civilization with a heritage made up of monuments that transcend time, of spots that take us to past eras; and also a heritage made of people, human stories and emotions and feelings. We recommend you ten places that you cannot miss:

  • The Cathedral, built between the 12th and 14th century in the highest point of the capital, the same site where there was once a temple dedicated to the imperial cult.
  • Model of Roman Tarraco, a detailed miniature reconstruction of how was the city of Tarraco at the peak of its splendor in the 2nd century.
  • Roman Amphitheatre Building,An oval structure built in the 2nd century overlooking the sea, where the fights between gladiators and against wild animals were done.
  • Praetorium and Roman Circus. Located between Via Augusta and the provincial forum, Tarragona’s circus was once used to hold horse and chariot races. The Praetorium is a Roman-era tower that once housed the stairs that connected the lower city to the provincial forum by way of the circus, which it is connected by means of underground passageways.
  • Balcó del Mediterrani, (Mediterranean Balcony) rising 40 metres above the sea, this airy “balcony” offers a splendid view of the Mediterranean, the Tarragona port, Platja del Miracle beach and the ancient Roman amphitheatre. It is said that touching its singular railing brings good luck.
  • Plaça de la Font, Plaça del Fòrum, Plaça del Rei, where you can see how the modern city coexists with its imperial past, enjoying its terraces full of life in a unique environment surrounded by history.
  • El Serrallo, the typical fishing neighborhood, where you can eat the fish that the fisherman brings home in the afternoon. It is a representative area with a lot of personality where to taste the best fish and seafood of Tarragona in its charming restaurants.
  • Tarragona’s beaches, Are renowned for their extremely fine, golden sand, with a very mild slope which allows walking in the water or swimming as from 200 m from the beach line. Its privileged geographic location allows enjoying a mild climate throughout the year.
  • La Rambla Nova, the main street of Tarragona with over 150 years, with the greatest number of modern shops, integrated in an architectural area unique for its buildings and history.
  • Mercat Central de Tarragona (Central Market of Tarragona), where you can buy fresh and seasonal products in a picturesque setting and enjoy Tarragona’s municipal markets.

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