Everybody knows Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, Colón, El Camp Nou, el Parc Güell… and much more, but this is just the beginning. In Catalonia we have a lot of amazing places that only a few tourists know and that you cannot miss.

A place not very known, but no less important, is the Garrotxa. Olot, a place where you can find volcanoes, landscapes where rediscover the nature and activities that you won’t forget like the Medieval Fair where you will go back in time and a Gastronomic Fair, the perfect occasion to taste the most typical flavor of Catalonia.

Montserrat is a place known for thousands of tourists that come to visit the city of Barcelona, but what they don’t know is that in the feet of the mountain you can discover a wine experience with a history of a thousand years. A millennial castle called Oller del Mas will offer a break from our Montserrat Tour.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy enological experiences, Catalonia is the best place to do it thanks to the variety of wines that our lands offer to us. You can find wineries along any path you make for Catalonia. An example is the Torres Winery, located in the Penedes, where you can discover the culture of wine and the travel it lives from the beginning to the end. In Catalonia there is not only wine, we also have two great wineries to visit the famous Catalan Cava: Freixenet, a cava over 100 years; and Codorniu, with five centuries of history behind it.

In Barcelona we enjoy a long tradition of thermal waters and wellness dating back to the Roman Empire making Catalonia one of the great spas of Europe. Caldes de Montbui is one of the cities where you can find spas. In fact, in this city there is a famous fountain where the water is used to fight arthritis, fractures, and much more because it contains chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine. Other spa cities in Catalonia are La Garriga, Benifallet, Caldes de Malabella, Caldes d’Estrac, Vendrell, Sant Hilari Sacalm, Santa Coloma and Sant Climent de Farners Sescebes.

As a family offer, we recommend Catalunya en Miniatura, a circuit where you can see models of the most characteristic monuments and buildings of Catalonia. In Catalunya en Miniatura You can also enjoy the Bosc Animat, a place where all the family can live a great adventure through the trees. Nearby, you can find el Cim de les Aligues, where you will learn averything about the eagles while you enjoy watching these magnificent birds fly in a short distance from us, how they eat, how they behave and where to find each species. Also, if you want to do this or any other of these trips with us and you are a group or a large family, you can book our taxi minivan with availability for 5 and 6 passengers and include the standard car child seats for the children.

Another of the great deals we have in Barcelona is art, where we can find several renowned artists such as Salvador Dali, Picasso, Gaudi and others, but we will talk about them later as they deserve an exclusive post. However, we offer our Salvador Dalí Tour to know the artist’s life: where he lived, the museum that he designed and where you can find his works, and the studio where Dalí spent most of the time after the death of his wife.

The Horta Labyrinth Park, located in an old building near Collserola, is a place that you cannot miss where you will enjoy different types of gardens and labyrinths, but the real star is the water as we found more than 20 water features such as ponds, fountains, canals and waterfalls that encourage the growth of a variety of plant species.

Another place to be mentioned is Sant Miquel del Fai, a natural area with an environment full of surprises, beauty and solemnity. In this space we find the famous monastery of Sant Miquel del Fai, a former Benedictine monastery. As a curiosity, there you can find a church built in a cave, using the stone as the roof of the church. It is the largest troglodyte church of the country. The best thing of this place is, maybe, the lower space, covered in the river Tenas waters, a tributary of the river Besos, and that have benn shaping formations that now is the river Tenas valley.

To conclude, we want to show you this video made by MAMMOTH where you can enjoy the little corners that Catalonia offers. We have found the video on the website www.barcelonaesmoltmes.cat/en/ a page that, if you liked this article, you cannot lose.

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